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If you select Ground for your coffee, please let us know your preferred brewing type (V60, Aeropress, Espresso Machine, Plunger etc.) in the checkout comments section. If you do not specify we will grind by default for Espresso Machines (Small / Fine). thanks

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Cargo delivers a harmonious balance between classic espresso & the sweetness of milk. A longer roast development time forces sugars to caramelise, which combined with the qualities of the blends origins, produce the heavy and bold body which characterises this blend. This is our modern Australian take on classic Italian style espresso.
In espresso we taste 85% Dark Chocolate & hints of Blackcurrant, and with milk we get Date & Malt
Brazil - Pocos De Caldas - Natural
Tanzania - Kigoma - Washed
PNG - Kokoda - Washed

Espresso Brewing Ratio
Brew Temp: 93.0°c
Grams in: 21.0g
Grams out: 42.0 (DBL)
Time: 0:28