The Latest El Fénix Update

The Latest El Fénix Update

The Latest El Fénix Update
Here is the latest update from El Fénix community wet mill and farm! This time they paid specific attention to the thriving development of the trees on the El Fénix farm. Delano Coffee is a founding backer of the farm and has a 1000 tree lot of various coffee varietals. So far, progress is going great with lot backers predicted to receive their coffee by 2020!
All photos were taken by the El Fénix Raw Materials Team 
 Across the farm, the development of the trees is greater than expected. The lots known as La Sensitiva were planted a few months later than the original plots, however, the fulfilment of coffee for La Sensitiva backers is on target for 2020. The image above is of the Tabis just after re-planting them on the farm from the nursery. 

The moka and pink bourbon are producing surprising first yields, providing the opportunity to test processing techniques before the first proper harvest. Last November, the pink bourbon was harvested in small test batches and visiting roasters cupped it blind alongside dozens of other coffees. It stood as one of the best across all the tables; known to deliver a sweet, bright cup. These are fantastic results for such a young harvest, as it will only bode positively as the lot matures. It stands as a good option for planting at scale to improve the economic viability of farms in the region as it stands low and yields high and is also resistant to disease.

The pink bourbons a few months after planting

The same trees after 6 months

Pink bourbons with the drying beds being constructed in the background 

This comes as great news for lot backers! As it is predicted that the 1000 tree lot backers will receive their coffee by 2020. But for some backers, fulfilment could be even earlier.
Stay tuned for more updates on the El Fénix Farm.