Cautious but Roasting - COVID19

Cautious but Roasting - COVID19

Cautious but Roasting - COVID19

Hello customers, friends and neighbours,


The current COVID-19 outbreak and its potential effects on business, organisations and staff is on the forefront of everyones minds right now, us included.


We are making a concerted and coordinated effort to ensure that coffee keeps being roasted and arriving at your cafe, office or home


We have a dedicated team here at Delano Specialty Coffee, meeting regularly to ensure we, as an employer and supplier, have a sound plan, have the latest information from health authorities, and can identify and evaluate any risk or interruptions to our services.


At our HQ, Cafe and Roastery space, we’re taking measures to ensure our teams are safe, healthy and able to continue the great work they carry out on a daily basis. The coffee won’t roast itself, tuck itself into little bags, or jump into boxes, unfortunately.


Some of the precautionary measures we’re doing include:


  • We have intensified our cleaning procedures in our retail cafe to be more vigorous, more often.
  • Our cafe and wholesale will not be accepting cash payments for the time being.
  • Our cafe will not be accepting reusable cups and will be serving food and drinks in disposable containers (All compostable BioPAK) and encouraging composting on-site.
  • All public cuppings and events are currently on hold.
  • Our offices have been zoned to minimise contact, and employees are working from home where possible.


Our procurement and logistical teams are in frequent correspondence with our suppliers both internationally and locally, and we currently don’t see any disruptions to being able to supply you with coffee and service.


Coffee is truly a global product and because of this we are putting lots of focus on planning to mitigate any future issues as our livelihoods depend on it.


Our wholesale department is running, our website is running and we will continue to  deliver delicious specialty coffee.


Thank you.



Head Of Coffee