Cargo Coffee Pods

Cargo Coffee Pods

Cargo Coffee Pods

Why? you may ask,
Well, there are a few reasons why we have gone down this route.

The main reason is because we want to support our loyal customers who are unable to visit our cafe and are unable to get their Delano fix at home. We know that many of our followers have pod machines and not expensive espresso machines and we wanted to give them an option to support us and drink some delicious coffee without them having to leave the house. This gives another option to those amazing people who are supporting their local independent businesses .

Right now the majority of coffee pods are produced by large companies and through our testing we found that the quality of the coffee they use isn’t what it could be. At Delano we only do something if we know we can do it well and there is no point in us providing a coffee pod if we ourselves didn’t like it. So we created a coffee pod that tops the quality and taste of what the large companies are doing.

Coffee Pods

We also only use ethically sourced specialty coffee, so not only is our coffee delicious, you can be sure that the farmers that grow our coffee are getting a fair price for it. Unlike the majority of big coffee companies who use lower quality commodity coffee.

The problem with the majority of coffee pods is that they are single use items that aren’t recyclable or compostable, so after their single use they end up in landfill. This wasn’t an option for us, because like everything else we do, we always choose the option that limits our environmental footprint. So we found a pod system that is certified to Australian Standard AS 4736. AS 4736 means that our coffee pods will break down into compost material with no toxic effect of the compost on plants and earthworms. Products that meet the standard can be composted, with this compost then being used in organic farming practices. If a material is considered compostable, controlled composting process (eg. SOILCO) should transform it into organic matter within 3 months, while under normal conditions (eg. Backyard compost systems) this takes between 1 to 2 years.

Nespresso Machine Coffee Pods

In conclusion
If you are a coffee pod drinker, you can feel good about buying these pods for a few reasons.  You are supporting a small business and we need your support now more than ever. You are buying ethically sourced and delicious coffee so not only is your coffee going to taste great, but the farmers who grow it are getting a fair price for it. You are buying a sustainable product, which can be composted and are biodegradable, which is better for the planet than the plastic / aluminium pods that end up in landfill.