Brew Guides : Delter Press

Brew Guides : Delter Press

Brew Guides : Delter Press

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We will be bringing you our home brew guides for all the different coffee paraphernalia.

Boil water and rinse the filter paper while it is in the brew head. This step is important as it flushes the papery taste in the coffee.


Weigh out your dose of coffee and grind it on a medium-grind setting (fresh ground is best), and add it to the brew chamber. Screw on the cap and flip it onto the cup.


Put the brewer and cup on a scale and tare it. Pour 200g of hot water into the top of the brewer (for both 1 and 2 cups). If you have no scales, use the side of the brewer and pour to 200ml.


Pull the plunger out to the 50ml line and slowly push down, then leave the brewer for 30s to allow the coffee to de-gas (bloom).



Pull the plunger out the rest of the way, so all the water moves into the brew chamber. Press down slowly with a constant force if you have any difficulty in pressing you may need to make your grind coarser. The total brew should take 1 min and for a 1 cup brew it is done, enjoy!



For a 2 cup brew, refill the plunger with another 200g of water and pull the plunger out all the way and push down till all the water is gone, this should take another 1min. Now you can enjoy!


Variables :  1 Cup | 2 Cups
Coffee Volume : 12g | 24g
Water Temp : 94*C 94*C
Bloom Volume : 50g 50g
Bloom Time : 30sec | 30sec
Finished Volume : 200g | 400g
Press Time : 1min | 2min
Total Time : 1:30min | 2:50min