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Michiti Forest Coffee

0.25 KGS

Hints of Cherry, Blackcurrent, Blackberry & Peach

Michiti is a cooperative of 260 members, sourcing coffee from wild coffee trees that grow at a range of 1700 to 1900 masl, in the far Western area of Ethiopia called Kaffa. What is unique about this coffee is that from a farming process the coffee is harvested from wild coffee plants, some naturally occurring and other planted and left to grow untended, throughout the surrounding forests. The forests are also home to a an amazing variety of flora and fauna, including several lion prides. We enjoy as Espresso & Filter

Country - Ethiopia
Region - Kaffa
Farm / Mill / Co-op - Michiti Coop
Varietal - Wild Forest Coffees
 1800 M
Process - Washed
Specialty Grade Coffee